Application of sodium lignosulphonate

Application of sodium lignosulphonate

Application of sodium lignosulphonate

Concrete industry:

At the concrete manufacture and dry construction,it reduces the conception of components  up to10-15% remixing of the concrete mass reduces and its solidity rises,the speed of hardeing slow down.Usage of lignosulphonate reduces humidity of raw mud if conserving its flow behaviour,which rises the manufacture of stove and reduces specific flow volume to the buring of clinker,with the usage of intensifier on the base of lignosulphonate the production of grinding units rises and there is an opportunity to change expansive and defict chemical products.

Petroleum industry:

In this area, sodium lignosulphonate is used as a flotation agent and reagent for regulating of the basic parametres of mud flushes.They are also acomponents of gel forming systerms.Gel forming leads to redistribution of fitration flows and their better regulation.Technical lignosulphonate are used for hardening of different construction types:drill well moon pool,holes,and in mine rals industry.

Building materials production:

Sodium lignosulphonate can be used in producing plates because of its astringent,sticking and surface active propertities.Because this kind of production is very expensive ,toxic,carbamide are used,mixture of  modified lignosulphonate with loam can get combined binder.Meanwhile the toxi cation of the plates can be reduced up to 50%.And in the producing of mineral-cotton plates,the products can become more firm and water-proof.

Drilling industry:

Sodium lignosulphonate can be used as a flotation reagent in minerals industry to achieve incomplete washing of separating materials. They are used for drilling well moon pool hardening and be added in different ground based in different ground bases and carpets. Sodium lignosulphonate can emulsify bituminous materials,liquid bituminous materials or coal tars,thus constructions are strengthened.

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