Lignosulfonates used in oil drilling

In oil drilling,If you drill in formations that have a lot of bentonite , you may need to use lignosulfonate mud (freshwater lignite mud). Bentonite in the formations are easily dispersed by water and bentonite will increase dispersion viscosity and rheology .

The lignite was added to the slurry water will control this problem and it is not expensive. Many people like to use this mud because it can be a weighting factor to nearly 19 PPG, but he still has very low value of low gravity solids .

You still have some drawbacks of this system. Lignosulfonate mud was not the stability of shale as other than low solids non-dispersed fluid mud PHPA, KCL base mud, and salt water system. In addition, certain additives such as carbonate can cause contamination in the mud and the mud properties deteriorate. You must be careful when using lignosulfonate mud with some chemical additives.

In the oil refining and oil industry for drilling oil and gas wells lignosulfonates are used as a reagent to control the basic parameters of drilling fluids. Also, they are a component of gelling systems, which are low-viscosity solutions with pH 2.5-3.0.

The formation of the gel leads to the redistribution of filtration flows and their better management, alignment profile pick-injection wells, restriction of water in the process, which in turn increases the recovery of oil. Using these systems lignosulfonates is possible by adsorbing properties of surface-active additives.

Just as in the mining industry, technical lignosulfonates are used to enhance various types of structures: mud pits, wells, etc.

Technical lignosulfonates are used:

  1. in chemical industry – as the stabilizer, dispersing agent for manufacture of briquetted means of plants protection; 
  2. in oil industry – as reagent for regulation of drilling agent;
  3. in foundry  – as a binding material for formation of casting  molds, an additive for  non-stick paints;
  4. in cement industry and manufacture of castables  – as cement softener and  binding material.

Technical requirements

Are developed according to TU 2455-028-00279580-2004. Technical lignosulfonates are produced in liquid and powder form.