Lignosulphonate use as dispersant

Dye dispersant is prepared from sulfate/sulfite pulping liquors,crosslinked with sulfite/formaldehyde, products exhibits good dispersion, property, heat-resistant stability, high temp. dispersion property, fiber staining property and azo dye reducing property.

Chemically modified lignosulphoante has been used as a dispersing agents,complexing agent, flocculent, thickener or auxiliary agents for coatings, paints or adhesives.Oil Well Drilling Muds,Coal-water slurry dispersant.

A lignosulphoante-derived material has been reported to be a good as a dispersant for soils and applications shown for cleaning and/or laundry detergent compounds.

A mixture including polycarboxylic acid, and lignosulphoante has been used for cleaning aluminum plates to prevent calcium scaling.

Lignosulphoante have been used as biodegradable and nontoxic emulsifiers or dispersants for emulsion or dispersion polymerization.

Jet printing ink was prepared including sulfonated lignin.

Lignosulphonate  use in agriculture.

•Slow-release urea is composed of 90‐99%

urea 1‐10 lignin wt.%.

•Lignosulphonate is used either directly or chemically modified, as a

binder, dispersant agent for pesticides/herbicides,

emulsifier, and as a heavy metal sequestrate.

• Lignosulphonate nutrient medium has been applied as an additive for

restoring vegetation on road slope and bare mountain.

• Oxidized and pulverized lignosulphoante when blended with other

chemicals has be used as a soil water retention agent in

acidic dry land or desert soil, or as a binder for fertilizer.

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