Sodium lignosulphonate used as dispersant

Sodium lignosulfonate used as dispersant,Sodium Lignosulfonate or sulfonated lignin is a water-soluble lignin extracted from the sulfite pulping process. Lignosulfonate is lypohydrophilic molecule due to the hydrophobic aromatic structure and the presence of the hydrophilic sulfonate groups on its structure. This unique structure of lignosulfonate makes it an effective dispersant or surfactant used in a wide range of industries, such as oil well dispersant, coal–water slurry dispersant, dye dispersion, ceramic colloidal processing, and polymer composites.

SodiumLignosulfonate dispersant for dyes

Sodium lignosulfonate Mainly used in disperse dye and vat dye dispersion and fill, Has good grinding effect, dispersion, good  thermal stability, high temperature dispersion stability, contamination of the fibers is light, small reduction of azo dyes, without phosphorus, formaldehyde-free, no APEO, quinoline and biodegradable. can be used as acidic, reactive dye filling agent.

Sodium Lignosulfonate dispersant for coal water slurry

The effect of sodium lignosulfonate on the apparent viscosity of coal water slurry (CWS) was investigated. The adsorption behavior of the SL on the coal water interface has much greater effect on the viscosity of coal water slurry. The higher adsorption amount and compact adsorption film of SL on the coal surface help reduce the viscosity of CWS, and the zeta potential is also an important factor, which is influenced by the sulfonic and carboxyl group contents of the lignosulfonate molecule. Furthermore, the SL with its molecular weight ranging from 10,000 to 30,000 has both a higher adsorbed amount and zeta potential on the coal surface and the best effect on reducing the viscosity of the coal water slurry.

Application guidance

When making dispersant used, according to the processing of the original dye strength, determine the ratio of dye and dispersant, determine the dosage of dispersants, add half of the first sodium lignosulfonate dispersant with dye mill, reach the finish line, to join the other dispersant,this will be work well than all dispersant grinding at once.

Used as filling agent, dye can be added before the spray dry, also can be standardization in dye after spray dried. for different types of dyes, the same dye varieties of different manufacturers, it’s best to do experiments to determine the appropriate dosage of dispersants.

Storage and Packing

Multi-layer kraft paper bags, 25 kg/bag or tons of bag, ventilated, dry condition, save for 6 months to 2 years.